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Language Policy of The Medical University of Gdansk+

As an educational institution – Medical University – concerned on medicine, which is interdisciplinary worldwide discipline, we, Medical University of Gdansk, need to be flexible, specially by language, which is essentially common all over the world. Next to the most common taught foreign language – english -, from the beginnings of MUG fundation the main medical esperanto – latin – is an obligatory language for our medical students.

English in youthful environment:
With the beginning of XXI century the University started with an English Division – Faculty of Medicine, a separate full-time studies only in English – the most common language in present times. These studies are available not only for foreign students, but also for polish, who want to get high level not only in general language but also in medical foreign language.
By the years of experience gained within a mobility of students we – MUG – know, that sometimes the lack of language, not knowledge, is a determinant of future success of a young people education. To meet the expectations and this common problem our University offers also two types of courses for future students, who don’t feel comfortable with their foreign language yet. They have a chance to participate in one year courses – English Language Course and Pre-medical Course, where on both their language is improved and they get chance for a study prepare from the main medical subjects in language they’re going to be studying in – English.
Either before beginning of a course or studies – student have an Orientation Week, which contains of polish culture and language short-course / introduction.
Not to feel like a stranger in a exile and due to a nature of studies – contact with a patient – during studies students have polish language classes.
Multicultural and mobility aspect:
During the studies both – Polish and English division students – have an opportunity to gain experience in a foreign country of their choice by taking part in a various mobility programs. For that MUG prepares them from the first year of studies by offering language courses in three most common languages (beside of English/Polish which is obligatory) – French, German and Spanish.
Staff development:
Academic and administrative staff are encouraged to be active in improving their skills, also in the field of languages. The University strategic development plan incorporates a vigorous policy of staff training and development. Nowadays teachers and staff are all obligated to know at least one foreign language. For those who don’t – the University offers many opportunities, from full funding the language courses to mobility trainings for those who wish to improve their language. By organizing a cultural courses, where the topic is a know how about main cultures of EU and Non-EU countries, administrative staff are trained in cultural and linguistic awareness and in the differential techniques for working with a foreign second-language students and staff.

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